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If you plan to go in Corsica and need an Internet/Wifi connection, don’t rely on Internet Cafés, there are not a lot in Corsica, compared to UK. So the best is to use free Wifi by Fon, here is a Corsican Wifi map:


corsica wifi

corsica wifi

You can zoom in and for example see Ajaccio hot spots, and there are a lot in the city, so you will never be lost without Internet during your holidays.


corsica internet

corsica internet

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  1. iPhone & iPhone 3G News Blog - Apple iPod + Mobile Phone » Another good iPhone adapted Blog about Corsica Says:

    [...] I’ve just discovered this nice Blog talking about the french island: Corsica situated in the Mediterranean Sea. The nice thing is you can see it on your iPhone, with redimensioned images while you visit the island. There is an interesting post about the Wifi you can get for free or nearly free with Fon in Corsica here. [...]

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